Mobility Theme Featuring jQuery Mobile

Mobile Theme for RavenNuke

Mobility Theme Featuring jQuery Mobile

Currently in production, Mobility is a theme specificallty targeted for mobile devices utilizing jQuery Mobile. Using mobile device detection, Mobility can be automatically displayed to mobile users, while all other visitors will view your standard "desktop" theme.

One of the coolest features on jQuery Mobile is the built in AJAX-powered navigation system, which is really what makes the framework viable in a mobile context. This allows mobile users, often with cache restrictions, to not have to re-download all the dependencies (JavaScript and CSS files) for each page visit.

Look for a Mobility beta sometime late 2012 to early 2013. and we'll keep you informed with updates along the way.


jQuery Mobile features:

  • Built on jQuery core for familiar and consistent jQuery syntax and minimal learning curve and leverages jQuery UI code and patterns.
  • Compatible with all major mobile, tablet, e-reader & desktop platforms - iOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm WebOS, Nokia/Symbian, Windows Phone 7, MeeGo, Opera Mobile/Mini, Firefox Mobile, Kindle, Nook, and all modern browsers with graded levels of support.
  • Lightweight size and minimal image dependencies for speed.
  • Modular architecture for creating custom builds that are optimized to only include the features needed for a particular application
  • HTML5 Markup-driven configuration of pages and behavior for fast development and minimal required scripting.
  • Progressive enhancement approach brings core content and functionality to all mobile, tablet and desktop platforms and a rich, installed application-like experience on newer mobile platforms.
  • Responsive design techniques and tools allow the same underlying codebase to automatically scale from smartphone to desktop-sized screens
  • Powerful Ajax-powered navigation system to enable animated page transitions while maintaining back button, bookmarking and and clean URLs though pushState.
  • Accessibility features such as WAI-ARIA are also included to ensure that the pages work for screen readers (e.g. VoiceOver in iOS) and other assistive technologies.
  • Touch and mouse event support streamline the process of supporting touch, mouse, and cursor focus-based user input methods with a simple API.
  • Unified UI widgets for common controls enhance native controls with touch-optimized, themable controls that are platform-agnostic and easy to use.
  • Powerful theming framework and the ThemeRoller application make highly-branded experiences easy to build.
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