SEO Tips - Title in the URL for Content Plus

Taming the Three Headed Monster

SEO Tips - Title in the URL for Content Plus

While there are countless SEO tips for improving the visibility of your website to search engines; one concept any web developer should consider we'll call the "Three Headed Monster". Simply put, get your most important keyword phrase in the TITLE, URL, and prominently used within the CONTENT of the the page. Of course, nothing is that simple, and the best tip will always be well written content utilizing important and related keywords.

To improve your SEO rankings even more, also include well crafted meta keywords and descriptions. Did we mention that the RavenNuke™ CMS can generate meta keywords and descriptions dynamically based on the content of your page (nukeDH)?

So with that, let's show you how to modify Content Plus™ to include the title of categories and content pages in the URL, i.e.

UPDATE: June 2012 - These mod instructions are intended for a prior version of RavenNuke (2.4) and have been archived in our downloads section. Registered users are welcome to download these mod instructions

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You are currently viewing an example!

Notice the URL of this page uses the Title of the Content Page. We have also customized our URL's a little further for maximum SEO benefit, replacing content for cms, cat for php and browse-tag for open-source.. Examples:



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