Download Profile: Unique IDs for RavenNuke Blocks


 Download Profile: Unique IDs for RavenNuke Blocks

Creating a unique CSS ID that can be associated with a given block allows you to target specific blocks via CSS, or to add JavaScript functionality; such as hiding a block if JavaScript is disabled, presenting a block in a Colorbox modal, or just about whatever else you can dream up with JavaScript.

While this is a block related "tweak" you will actually need to edit your theme.php. If you run multiple themes you will need to edit them all so that the ID's are the same for all themes

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Added on: Wed Sep 5 18:21:53 UTC 2012
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alteredDark Theme Released

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I have released a dark Ravennuke theme today for the Ravennuke 2.5 CMS only. It is a fast loading, tableless theme with a matching forum template. Is W3C compliant and also comes with all PSD's needed to customize the theme. You can download matching avatars and emoticons in the downloads for this nice dark theme as well. Visit to grab your theme today.

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