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PostPosted: Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:24 pm
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Greetings peeps. I am somewhat confused. Now I have done my homework and have researched a lot before posting so please refrain from the obvious.

My query is about the difference between USER INTERFACE and USER EXPERIENCE. Now I know that one deal around interference and other is an experience. But arenít these the same thing? You have to make an interference keeping in mind about the end consumer. Right? This is what a website is supposed to do in the first place. Right?

Secondly, talking about USER INTERFACE, is it designerís job or the developerís job to cater audience market? I think that Designer and developer have to align them together for the greater good. Isnít it?

So, this other day, I was talking to this Web Development service provider in the USA. I had a project to be developed so I went online. Anyways, they had these teams of developers and designer with them, who would develop the USER INTERFACE and USER EXPERIENCE separately and then integrate them together. I know it may be a part of a strategy where they work different things, at different stations, and then assemble them together. But my question is if this is the right approach? Would it give similar results, if it were to be developed by a single person?

I consider them the same. What are your thoughts about it?
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