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PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 2:49 pm
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Is this suppose to happen?

I login to the site as admin. I goto the fourms and at the bottom i see that I am a guest. If i go to post it still request a login/pw

I created account for my wife, made a moderator. She logs in normal and it sees her as a moderator and athe forums show regesterd user. and it will say that i dont have permissions to post since their set for admin.

I had to create another admin and pick what I wanted to have acces for. when login under admin.php they only had access to what i config the account with, and forums show they are a guest.

If i login as a user, goto forums then it shows my name as reg user and the color is Orange. The moderator logged in normal and went to forums and it shows reg user and her color is white.

I thought if you were admin on login site you were admin on forum but your not. It still looks that i can be seen as a user, but any login using the admin.php and your a guest and you have to login again.

it seems that the two are not merged, is there something else i need to do or look into?
PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 1:39 am
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You cannot post in the forums with your admin account (unless anonymous posting is allowed, and even then you would be posting as guest and not an admin). Admin accounts are only for administration, if your create an admin and give privileges to the Forums it allows them to use the Forum admin, but does not give them any posting or moderation abilities.

You need to be logged in as a user to post in the forums. Just remember you can only post with "user" accounts and that should sort out some of the confusion.

You can also give individual users permissions in the forum admin.

I think your permissions for the forums are too restrictive, are they set as I suggested in the other post?


If you are concerned about people registering and spamming, you can require admin approval for new users, or even turn off registration completely if you will be manually creating accounts.
(under the registration tab)
PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:43 am
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Joined: Sep 02, 2012
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I realized that the email still registers a user, I guess it didnt hit when you said you did, i thought you had just looked at what I had done. When I used my wife and had her create and accout an noticed she was reg user I now have something else to resolve.
I am only looking to have 5 or 6 people have accounts, the will be the staff from the church. I really am not looking for any registration for everyone else as i want it open to view/listen/watch what is updated and posted. I just went into nukesentinial and changed to admin auth and I will be trying later to see if it will work. Because of this setup that is why i had set everything but the read and view to admin. My fault was trying to do all the testing while logged in as an admin instead of a user with permissions.

I will have to sit down and read more on the permissions for groups, as I only need two, admin and mods. I will then try to test to make sure i have no more problems and then I have to teach them how to do what they need to do without causing more problems.

thank you for the help.
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