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Whether it is the marketing website or your portfolio, the design of the website must look attracting for attracting the visitors. A web designing company always looks to provide its customers with the best design of the website and helping them in achieving their objectives. A weakness in the website design commonly noticed is the absence of active navigation, which makes it difficult for user to understand in which area of website he is present. The clickable buttons and labels are also considered an important part of a website, in used by a few websites only. Some websites do not link their logo on the homepage, which is considered a major fault in a website design. Therefore, it is recommended that website design should cover all the above factors for attracting the visitors and making it easy for them to navigate.
Simply search for it on Google and you'll get it. If you're looking for a custom theme design then you can try Dot Logics or if you're on budget then logoorbit.com is a suitable option.
I would like to say, that you must add an 'Introduction' part to the forum. As a visitor, almost every single person first look for the intro part in any forum.
Hey, What you mean by 'Whats your code?'
Excellent work.
The user interface is basically the front end of your website or mobile app. User Experience or UX is all about how will the user interact with your interface. What're your thoughts?
Mobile application development has taken over the corporate world with storm. With the amazing revenue generating capabilities that is carries within it, mobile application development has become the new talk of tinsel town these days among the corporate investors and business owners. Branex provide credible and pocket-friendly mobile app development services in Toronto region to clients from all across the globe.
Branex is an enthusiastic & artistic creative digital branding solutions agency, settled in New York, USA. Our core skills focus mobile app development, website design and development, digital marketing solutions, and persuasive content creation. We are a fusion of brainy creativity with a sincere essence of passion, consistently delivering powerful results for our clients. And most importantly, our business is built on a foundation of warmth, heart and an all-round positive attitude.
Project management has come a long way from a basic set of principles to PMBok knowledge areas. New project management methodologies such as agile project management methodology, extreme programming and lean project management are used to deal with emerging project management challenges. In this article, we will look at five common project management challenges that you should overcome in 2017 to drive your projects to success.

Scope Creep
In todays dynamic world of project management, client requirements change regularly. As a result, your project scope will blow out of proportion. This can put your team off track and their focus will go awry. Scope creep can also lead to other project problems. Managing scope creep is one of the biggest challenges for project managers. The best way to keep project scope in check is to get client approval on everything in the beginning of the project. This will save you from the hassle of scope creep later in the project.

Poor Team and Client Communication
Whether it is client communication or communication with your team members, an interruption or delay in communication can wreck havoc on your project. Moreover, it can also lead to misunderstandings, mistakes and conflicts. The best way to ensure effective and uninterrupted team and client communication is to use team collaboration software for businesses like TaskQue. These digital tools not only help you in communicating with clients but also help you in staying in touch with your team members all the time. Project managers can also take advantage of collaboration features, keep all teams members on the same page, and ensure effective team collaboration.

Time and Cost Management
According to Access Group survey, 62% project managers consider Capturing time and cost against the projects as the biggest challenge in project management. Effective management of time and money is critical for project management success. Project managers should create a work breakdown structure and break a large project into smaller, more manageable activities. Identify how much each activity would cost? Focus on value added, critical activities and spend more time and money on them instead of wasting a lot of time and money on non-value added activities. In fact, a project is only considered successful if it is completed inside the budget and before the deadline.

Gone are the days when you track the project progress at the near the end of the project. With ever changing project dynamics, you must monitor project status regularly. Your team will perform well only when they know they are accountable for their actions. Holding your project team member accountable for their actions and performance is difficult for project managers as they have a hard time in tracking the performance of every individual. This is where task-tracking software for productivity such as TaskQue can help you in conducting transparent accountability. You can easily track project progress and set the pace to achieve your project goals.

Risk Management
For a project manager, the biggest concern is to drive the projects to successful completion. To ensure that, they will have to overcome many hurdles and one of the biggest hurdles are project risks. That is where risk management comes into play. Project managers must keep an eye out for risks to identify them.
If the risk has already emerged, then there are two ways to resolve this issue. First, you should look to minimize the impact of the risk by mitigating risk. Secondly, you can eliminate the risk altogether. Project managers should follow a proactive approach instead of a reactive one when dealing with project risks. Have a risk management strategy to deal with risk and save your project from failure.

With so many internal and external factors influencing a project outcome, it is very difficult for project managers to finish project before the deadline and inside the budget. From scope management to risk management to holding your team accountable for their actions, project managers will have to overcome all these challenges in order to complete projects successfully. If you are facing any other challenge in managing your projects, feel free to share it with us in comments section below.
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