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cTopics - Topics Module for Content Plus
cTopics - Topics Module for Content Plus
Topics - News for RavenNuke

Introducing cTopics, a topics module for Content Plus. Display your Content Plus categories in a "Topics" style layout, with previews of the latest or featured content for each category. Optionally display "News" style previews of up to 5 of your latest content pages, in a CSS based and SEO friendly layout that can be customized by theme. Many other features, including jQuery truncation, Disqus integration, Tags Manager to help optimize your content plus tags, Icon Manager to help spice up your "News" style previews with images, and more.

Update: June 2012 - The cTopics module was nearly completed for RavenNuke 2.4, but changes to the disqus integration and improvements to the administration section are still pending. Hope to finish this module and make available to the public at some time in the coming weeks. With several other projects going, can't really give a specific timeline, but will add that it is a priority... For the time being, the download button below is deactivated.


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Disqus Comments for RavenNuke
Disqus Comments for RavenNuke
Adding Disqus to Content Plus

Disqus is a comments platform that helps you build an active community from your website's audience. It has awesome features, powerful tools, and it's easy to install. A few quick edits, and you too can add the powerful features of Disqus comments to all of your Content Plus content (Disqus registration required).

Optimized for use with the NEW cTopics module, which will allow you to control your Disqus settings, and included recent comments block; all from within the cTopics ACP.


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