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Advanced BBCode Box for RavenNuke
Advanced BBCode Box for RavenNuke
PHPBB2 Forum BBCode Modification

PHPBB2 Forum BBCode Modification for RavenNuke™ v2.5, which expands the standard BBCode features to allow: audio/video embeds, text formatting/styling options, image/video positioning, dynamic twitter signatures, customizable color swatches, inline ajax help, forum search "tags", modal search functions for wikipedia and duckduckgo, as well as various other features.

Improved UI and CSS layout which can be customized per theme. Four sprite powered editor themes included in sand, light blue, crimson, and black; or build your own with a little CSS know-how and the included photoshop files.

Several optional addons are included to further enhance your RavenNuke™ powered site; which allows you to add code highlighting, link icons, easy youtube videos, and/or hashtags.

After an easy installation, courtesy of a comprehensive, kickstart powered install guide, you may find yourself asking, "Who needs phpbb3?"

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Highlight Syntax Highlighter for Content Plus
Highlight Syntax Highlighter for Content Plus
Adding Code Highlighter to RavenNuke

One of the great things about RavenNuke™ is that it's easy to customize without an extensive knowledge of PHP or proprietary code. So as we build our site, we thought we would share how we achieved some of the customizations we needed. Being able to highlight code was one of our first needs, so we tried out several options.

GeSHi, Chili, prettify, Syntax Highlighter, and a few others where solid candidates; but in the end we decided on Highlight by software maniacs. Relatively easy to use with dynamic language detection, a nice selection of included themes, and it highlighted code within our forums more reliably than Chili or prettify.

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