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Info Block Icon Pack #1
Info Block Icon Pack #1
Minimalistic Icon Pack for the User Info Block

* 15 sample styles of small and large sprites for the User Info block as featured in RavenNuke(tm) 2.5+
* PSD files included to create your own to match your theme(s)
* Quick Start Instructions for Customizing CSS Sprites by Theme

Large Section Icons:
IconSweets2 by Yummygum
Small Icons:
BitIcons by somerandomdude

Working with Alternate Stylesheets
Working with Alternate Stylesheets
Persistent, Preferred, Alternate, and Media Targeted CSS

Update: June 2012 -  This document was intended to be a supporting document for a yet unfinished "style switching" theme which has been delayed until 2013; after the release of RavenNuke 3.0. Our apologies, but this document will remain incomplete until then...

In preparation for the upcoming release of our style switching theme Chameleon, we would like to give a quick overview of how alternate stylesheets work; so that others can modify, customize, and build upon the Chameleon framework. CSS stylesheets can relate to your document in several different ways; but for now let's concern ourselves with persistent and alternate stylesheets.

Persistent stylesheets are your normal, everyday stylesheets that are always enabled. They are defined by setting the rel attribute to “StyleSheet” and have NO title attribute.

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Tableless CSS InfoBox Block
Tableless CSS InfoBox Block
Site Info Block for RavenNuke

A "Tableless" CSS block with many built-in features, such as CSS sprite optimization, mouseover effects, modal windows for search, login, and PM notification, displaying in multiple columns, and much more. See the readme.html in the download for detailed setup/installation instructions. Based on Info Box for RavenNuke by nukecoder.com.

Html Validator Addon for Firefox
Html Validator Addon for Firefox
HTML validation inside Firefox

HTML Validator is a Mozilla extension that adds HTML validation inside Firefox and Mozilla. The number of errors of a HTML page is seen on the form of an icon in the status bar when browsing. The details of the errors are seen when looking the HTML source of the page.

The extension is based on Tidy and OpenSP. Both algorithms were originally developed by the Web Consortium W3C. Both algorithms are embedded inside Mozilla/Firefox, which means the validation can be done locally on your machine.


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